Can Cats Have French Fries?

You may be wondering, “Can cats have French fries?” After reading the article above, you probably think that ‘yes’, your cat can have a taste of this popular snack. It is surprisingly easy to get your cat to eat fries, but you should avoid this temptation on a regular basis. This food is unhealthful, high in fat and calories, and could be a choking hazard. If your cat really loves fries, you can always distract it with healthier alternatives.


Despite their delicious taste, unhealthily French fries for cats may be a bad idea for your cat’s health. Potatoes are starchy vegetables and too much sodium can lead to a variety of health problems for your cat, including high blood pressure, kidney disease, and adverse cardiovascular changes. In addition, some types of French fries contain saturated fat, which has the same effect on cats as it does on humans.

High in calories

If you are wondering why French fries are so high in calories, you’re not alone. They are packed with calories and saturated fats, which raise bad cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Regular fries from Sonic Drive-In have nine grams of “bad” fats, the highest of all fast food chains. On the other hand, a serving from McDonald’s is low in calories and fat, making them a great option for dieters.

High in ketchup

French fries contain high levels of sodium. French fries should not be fed to a cat in excess. Cats should not eat more than 21 milligrams of sodium per day. French fries from McDonald’s contain over 130 milligrams of sodium per serving. In addition to the high salt content, many french fry dips are high in acid. This includes ketchup, which can irritate a cat’s digestive system.

Choking hazard

It is not recommended to feed cats potato chips, but they are safe to eat in moderation. The food is high in sodium, which can be toxic to cats. Too much salt in the cat’s diet can cause dehydration, excessive thirst, kidney damage, and frequent toileting. Potato chips should be avoided for cats with obesity or other health problems. But they can be given to a cat if he or she likes them.


As we all know, cats are very sensitive to salt, and as little as 4 grams can cause death. That’s why it is very important that you keep French fries out of your cat’s diet. While seasoned homemade versions are a better option, fast food fries are also not safe for your feline friend. In addition to being unhealthy for humans, deep-fried food is bad for cats. They can develop high blood pressure, kidney disease, and other negative health consequences if they consume too much sodium. Not to mention that cats are also more susceptible to developing stones in their bladders.

Too salty

A recent study found that indoor cats do not have a minimum carbohydrate requirement, and eating too much of these foods can increase their risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity. Cats do need fat in their diet, and the oil used to cook them is high in saturated fat, which promotes significant weight gain in cats. Fat is also a major contributor to the development of joint and heart problems in cats. While cats can consume small amounts of fish and other animal products, too much of these foods can be detrimental to your cat’s health.

Too uncooked

Too uncooked French fries for cats can lead to several serious health problems. Most french fries are high in salt and are highly toxic to cats. Even ketchup, a common side dish, is harmful to cats. Most varieties of ketchup contain onions, which can be lethal. They also have high sodium and acid content. For this reason, it is recommended to serve them at room temperature or leave them in the fridge for several hours.