Do Cats Find Our Voices Soothing?

Do cats find our voices soothing? Japanese researchers studied the sounds we produce when talking to our cats. The study’s author, cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger, found that cats responded better to a calm and soft voice. Hence, our voice tone and volume are important when talking to our feline friends. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these various sounds and how they affect our feline companions.


Many people have a stereo in the living room and turn on some music to keep their cat company. Cats are quite specific about what music they like and do not like. For example, a slow Sigur Ros song will sound very different in the purring cat’s ears than it does in a human’s voice. So how do we tell if our voice is relaxing to a cat? Read on to find out.


Many people turn on the stereo to make their cats happy, but did you know that they have their own musical preferences? Cats actually prefer different kinds of music to humans. For example, a slow Sigur Ros song can make your cat purr and orient towards the music. This research might help us better understand what our feline friends find soothing. But what is the best way to get our felines to listen to our voices?


If you’ve ever wondered how cats can listen to our voices, you’re not alone. Many people turn on the stereo when they’re trying to make their cats happy, but did you know that cats have their own music preferences? Cats may not have the same taste in music that we do, but they’ll probably recognize Sigur Ros’ slow song if you play it in a loud room. A cat purring will sound remarkably similar to a human voice.

Violin notes

There are a variety of sounds cats enjoy, and classical violin music is one of them. Cats love the soothing notes from the violin, and they have been observed to relax when played. Researchers have conducted studies to find which music is most calming to cats. They played different musical sounds through headphones, and monitored their heart rate and pupils to see which one produced the most calming effect. While this research hasn’t yet been replicated in cats, it is clear that classical violin music is the most relaxing for cats.

Rock music

Cats have presented a riddle to scientists: do they find rock music soothing? While most of us find rock music soothing, cats do not. According to Dr. Susan Wagner, a specialist in music therapy for animals at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, cats actually prefer classical music, which emits vibrations that are soothing to the cat’s ears. Bach and Chopin are particularly good for calming the feline soul.

Pop music

Some people turn on the stereo to keep their cats company while they are having surgery. However, cats have their own preferences for music. They respond better to classical music than to pop music. For instance, a slow Sigur Ros song may be soothing to humans but might not be the same for cats. So, which kind of music is soothing to cats? There are some basic differences between human and cat tastes, but both are remarkably similar.

Classical music

Did you know that classical music can make your cat feel calm and relaxed? Cat shelters often play classical music to encourage relaxation. Cats do not run away when they hear classical music, and if they are listening to it, they may be ready to take a catnap. But how do cats know what’s soothing? First, they don’t always respond to the same music. Some cats prefer different styles and tempos of classical music. Others might simply prefer to listen to the same type of music as humans.