Why Are Cats Scared of Water? 3 Easy Ways to Soothing Your Cat

There are a variety of reasons why cats are afraid of water. Unsafety, chemicals, or simply getting wet are all possible causes. Luckily, there are ways to calm your cat down, too. Here are three easy ways to soothe your cat:

Chemicals in water

If you’ve ever taken a bath, you’ve probably noticed that your cat is scared of water. The smell of water can be off-putting to your cat, and it can even make him run for the hills. Cats have a keen sense of smell, and chemicals in water can be extremely debilitating. Even though tap water may look clean to us, cats can detect chemicals that make it unclean. Consequently, cats that fall into bath tubs may become mentally scarred for life.

Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate the problem of your cat’s water fear. Most cats spend at least thirty to fifty percent of their time grooming. This means they aren’t used to large bodies of water, so it’s surprising that they can react to tap water and squirt guns with such fear. Chemicals in water also contribute to a cat’s fear of water.

Fear of being wet

Some experts believe that cats are terrified of water because they evolved in a desert environment with no large bodies of water, and they were never exposed to it. This is not surprising as cats were never meant to live in the water. Some breeds actually enjoy being wet and swimming. But if you’re worried your cat is afraid of the water, you should know that it is not always so.

There are many reasons why cats fear water. The most common reason for their fear is that cats have never been exposed to large bodies of water. The water also makes their senses respond to it differently, such as by making interesting sounds and motions. Some cats even mimic the behavior of prey to avoid being wet. So, the fact that they are scared of the water is probably due to this.


The reason that cats are afraid of water is because they are uninterested in the object, and the flickering pattern on the surface of the water triggers a fear response in their brain. This response is hard-wired in their brains because they perceive water as a potential sign of prey. Cats would rather focus on things that move or make interesting sounds than water. If you try to bathe your cat without using water, he will be extremely timid and will likely try to escape the situation.

Fear of getting wet

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has speculated that the fear of getting wet in cats was a survival instinct, which is based on a theory that they evolved in arid deserts and did not have much exposure to water. Unlike many other species, cats are not accustomed to bathing and may be getting wet for the first time. Other factors may also be responsible.

While a cat may not like getting wet in the first place, it may be fearful of the water because it resembles the prey it’s hunting. The flickering motions and sounds of running water are interesting to a cat’s brain, and it’s hard-wired in cats to view them as potential prey. So, if your cat is afraid of water, there are some ways you can teach them to be comfortable around it.


What is the cause of Fear of a RUNNING FAUTET? The reason may be simple. Cats dislike being wet. It might also be because they don’t know what to expect if they accidentally get wet, such as in a bathtub or running faucet. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your cat cope with his fear of water.

Firstly, don’t fill the tub to the brim. Having a slippery tub floor will only make your cat’s stress level rise. Also, use a water container instead of a faucet. Make sure your cat’s face and eyes are not near the water when it’s dripping from a faucet. Your cat is most likely to run away when you open the bathroom faucet.