Why Does My Cat’s Head Smell Good?

A common question is “Why does my cat’s head smell good?” There are several possible reasons, including Bacterial infections, foreign bodies, or allergies. Read on for more information! Bacterial infections can be caused by a bacterial infection or an allergen, while allergies can be caused by an allergy. If you are unsure of the cause of your cat’s head smell, you can consult your vet.

Anatomical glands secrete noxious smelling substance into the rectum

Your cat may not urinate frequently or at all. If your cat’s anal glands become infected or clogged, the fluid may become too thick to pass and an abscess may form. If this condition is left untreated, your cat may develop pain and discomfort, impaction, and even painful rupture of its anal glands. To help alleviate your cat’s discomfort, consider expressing the glands manually.

Bacterial infections

If your cat is smelling foul, it may be a sign of dental disease. A buildup of tartar and plaque in the mouth produces an odor due to the bacteria it contains. Untreated dental disease leads to gingivitis and gum disease, and eventually to tooth loss. Even untreated mouth lesions can produce an odor. Bacteria in the mouth can also worsen stomatitis and diabetes.

Foreign bodies

There are several reasons your cat’s head might smell good, but the most common is dental disease. A cat’s mouth is a bacterial and yeast habitat. Bad odors from the mouth can result from an overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, and ear mites. A cat with an ear infection may also have a bad smell and debris in its ears. Visiting a veterinarian can help you diagnose the problem and begin appropriate treatment.


Your cat may be wondering, “Why does my cats head smell good?” It could be due to several things. Poor diet or an illness can cause a bad odor. Sometimes, the smell is so intense that you can’t stand to be near it. Other times, your cat may just be feeling dirty. Whatever the case, it can be a very disturbing problem. Listed below are some common reasons that your cat might be smelling bad.


Your cat may have an odor coming from her head. It’s not necessarily beer! It could be an infection. Yeast infections cause a foul smell in your cat’s skin or fur. You might also notice yellow or flaky skin. If you’re worried about yeast infection, consider your cat’s earwax as a potential source. Yeast infections can lead to ear problems, including alopecia.

Anatomical fistulas

A common condition in cats is an anatomical fistula, a tunnel-like opening in the anal region of a cat’s abdomen. These are serious and uncomfortable conditions, and they can lead to other GI problems, as well as foul odor. However, these fistulas are not the only causes of bad odor in cats. There are also other factors, such as skin and coat condition, that can contribute to a cat’s foul odor.